How to get Admission and Scholarships in Seoul National University?

How to get Admission and Scholarships in Seoul national university?

In this article we will discuss about How to get Admission and Scholarships in Seoul National University? It is the best university of Korea. Students can get scholarships here and study for free. Read the complete article before going to apply for the admission and scholarships.

If you want to study on a scholarship in the top ranked university of the world then this article is for you. So let’s start. Hello, I am Zohaib Amjad and in this article, we will discuss about the admission criteria and admission guidelines of the Seoul National University. I will guide you that how can you apply for admission at the Seoul National University and how can you get a scholarship. There so let’s start with a brief introduction of the Seoul National University. It is the top ranked university in Korea. Its QS ranking is 36th and its Asian university ranking is 14th and they provide highly paid scholarship to their students. And job opportunities they are high after degree. So what is the admission process of Seoul National University? So you have to apply for online admission process. So online application will start from October 5th to 15th. Apply for scholarship University of Hawaii Postgraduate Scholarships 2022 in USA (Fully Funded).

Now you can download the admission guidelines you can download the admission guidelines from the University website and you have enough time to prepare all the documents till the time start for application. So when application time start so this is the website for admission which I have mentioned. So you have to log in on this website and make your account and start online application. The fee for application is 90,000 Korean Won or it is equal to 80 USD. During your application process after submission of this application fee they will send recommendation letters to your reviewers and reviewers they have to send the recommendation letter directly to the university by filling online. And they have to submit online till 16th of October.

Then you have to submit a portfolio. Portfolio is not much for all departments it is for some selected departments. I will guide you in next, that which department need portfolio then there is first decision and submission of original   documents so first decision is from November 1st to 22nd. So after first decision if you are selected to Seoul National University then you have to send your original documents by post. So then after submission of original documents the final admission result will be released on December 26th. Must read about How to get Google Analytics Free Certification.

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So what are the graduates program which are available at Seoul National University. So almost all fields are available at Seoul National University you can see the details of program on the page number 15 to 19 of guidelines. You have to keep in mind that English is the principal medium of course work academic reports and thesis for all students of global public administration major and graduate school of public administration. However the applicants who are applying for business administration they have to take some courses in Korean because Korean is the principal medium of course work for college of business administration. So, in Seoul National University you can study Masters which is for two years you can study PhD which is for three years and they also offer combined MS/PhD degree which is for four years.

Apply for Admission:

So now I will guide you that how can you apply for admission and which documents required. So first one you have to fill the application form and application form need to be filled online. I told you in previous, that you have to apply from October 5th to 15th then you have to submit your personal statement and study plan on online application form. And it is mentioned in the guidelines that please don’t write your personal information like your name your country in personal statement and study plan and then for some departments for example Korean language and literature Korean history and business administration or interdisciplinary program in art management. Their study plan must be in Korean language and they need topic level 6 because these programs will be taught in Korean language. Then you have to submit two letters of recommendation. These letters of recommendation will be sent online to your reviewers and they have to reply them within time. Then English Proficiency Certificate IELTS academic 6 overall it is must and you can also give TOEFL which score is 80. Then academic degrees and transcript. You have to scan them but they must be in English language and then you have to upload them on the application form website.

Submit Documents:

And then if you pass first round then you have to submit copies which are attested by the Korean embassy. But for the first round there is no need to submit original copies you can just submit their scanned copies on the application online form. Then you have to submit your proof of citizenship which is your passport. Ten you have to submit proof of your parent citizenship for example your parents passport or parents id card and the proof of parent child relationship. You have to submit your birth certificate or you have to submit your FRC family registration card. Then there are some optional documents which are your thesis your awards and your any other language proficiency. For example Chinese, Japanese so you can submit but these are optional documents and one thing again keep in your mind that in the initial round you have to submit all these documents online.

You have to submit their scanned copies and if you pass first round then you have to send the hard copies to the Seoul National University. As I have mentioned that some departments they need portfolio and pledge these are for fine arts, for music education, for department of architecture, and for department of child development and family studies. So the students who are applying for these departments they have to submit separate portfolios and you can check the detail of these portfolios from page number 14 of guideline.

Scholarships Available:

So now we will discuss about the types of scholarship which Seoul National University offer. So first one is their professor scholarship like for example you have to contact professor he will supervise your Master’s and PhD degree. And he will hire you as a research assistant and he will pay you salary. So how can you contact professor the website of each department is available on the page number 21 of guidelines. You have to go to page number 21 and search for your department and then go to the website of each department search professor related to your research area and send them email.

The second scholarship is graduate scholarship for excellent foreign students which is GKS. Another scholarship is SNU President Fellowship. And the final scholarship is Silk Road Scholarship. So now we will discuss these scholarships one by one. So first scholarship is GKS which is graduate scholarship. It is only for Asian countries except Japan and China and the number of scholarships are 20 and they will support your tuition fee and your   living sport. So how to apply for that scholarship so you have to create an account on this website. You can assess this website when the application period is open so application period is from October 5th to 15th so you can access this link from university website. Then apply with the admission period when applying for admission you have to choose the scholarship option GKS that you want to apply for this scholarship.

And the result of this scholarship they are announced with the admission result. The second scholarship is Seoul National University President Fellowship and this is the scholarship which you can get after getting admission in   PhD. For example after getting admission in PhD the faculty members of different universities who have master’s degree they get preference and you have to apply in December. After getting admission the students who will get admission in Seoul National University are eligible to apply for this scholarship. So it is very highly paid scholarship   monthly announced is 1.5 million Korean Won. Seoul National University will provide your tuition fee and they will also provide you economy ticket.


So how to apply for this scholarship so when you get admission in Seoul National University. So after getting admission you have to check this on scholarship home page for this scholarship. Now I have to mention some important points for Seoul National University. So while filling online application form there are two options first is admission one and second is admission two so all foreign students they must choose admission one. Please keep in mind that you must choose admission one and second thing that scholarship selection is very competitive   and admission fee it is non-refundable in any case.

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