How to Write a Letter of Motivation?

How to Write a Letter of Motivation?

This article is very important for you if you want to apply or already applied for admission but did not get the admission. Then must read this article till the end I know it will be lengthy. I’m 100% sure that after reading this article you will get a scholarship. Many students do not know that letter of motivation for scholarship and for universities both are different. So Today I will discuss these thing. 1st importance of letter of motivation/ statement of purpose, 2nd we will discuss the specification of writing a letter of motivation. 3rd we will discuss the mistakes which mostly students are doing. 4th if you have less marks then how to overcome this problem. Last and the main topic what should we write, and how to make it effective. These are the topic of today. Also visit Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship 2022 in Canada.

I’m going to talk about the importance of motivation letter. Well Some people might argue that LOM and SOP are two different types of documents. I am not going into that debate. However according to my observation both are interchangeable phrases. This is one of the most important documents in your admission application. Like when you applied for any scholarship. Basically two things are mattered, one is your profile like what is your CGPA and what you did, that will not be change able because you already completed your degree. And second thing is your document like SOP/LOM, and these are change able. Mean through your LOM you will be able to get the admission in any scholarship.

Now we are moving toward the 2nd question, specification of writing a letter of motivation or SOP. In this part I will discuss Length of LOM or SOP, File format and the writing style. It is conflicting topic some people argue that 1 page is good on the other hand some people believe that LOM or SOP should be of 2 pages. You should keep in mind first you should check the requirements on University’s website sometimes there have specific requirements regarding the length of the letter sometimes to say it should be one page long or 1,000 words. They might have a specific template to use like on HEC portal you just have to submit letter, OR they might have a specific file format which you are supposed to send them. But if there are no length requirements then I will recommend you to write 750 to 1000 words is good enough or let’s say one page to one and a half page is enough. You may also apply for 1000+ Free Online Courses in Top Universities.

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Mostly pdf format is required, but it’s always a good idea to double check the file format required by the university. Your motivation letter should be a good combination of formal and casual one, slightly inclined to the formal language. Neither should it sound too formal like a letter to a company or organization, nor too casual like an email to a friend. That all about the 2nd question.

Now we will discuss the 3rd question that is mistakes which mostly students are committing. 1st most common mistake is that mostly students think that it is not important so they just copy it from others letter of motivation. That is the blunder its not the mistake. I am sharing my personal experience that last year I wrote a letter for a student and on the basis of that letter he was selected on CSC Scholarship. However previously he was rejected from CSC scholarship because he just copy the Letter from the CSC site. That is the real event which happed last year.  So please don’t copy it from anywhere please make it unique. I will discuss later in the article how to make it unique.

Second most common mistake is that, Mostly students believe that motivation letter is just a detailed version of your CV. Think about it, why would a well-educated and experienced people I mean admission committee of host scholarship ask you to do so? They have enough experience to judge you through your CV. These are the two most common mistakes which most students are doing.

Now I will discuss the 4th question suppose if you have less marks in any subject or semester then motivational letter is the best option to explain it like why you get less marks You might have been sick or you’ve had some family reasons. But be careful don’t write any line against yourself. For example, I’m not interested in this subject that is why I get less marks. That is not good approach. What should we write, and how to make it effective. First consider yourself sitting in front of the admission committee actually it’s a type of written interview their you have to show your motivation. Basically you have to answers 4 questions in this way your letter will be complete.

However these three questions have sub questions. Who are you? why they select you ? Why are you applying in this program and last question is what are your future goals and how do they relate to this program ? First you should cover the first question the question is who are you. Give your introduction. It’s the basic introduction don’t write your family detail also some students are doing mistakes by starting their motivation with their financial condition that is not right approach to write a motivation letter. You should just write your name, where are you from, what is your field that’s it, this is the introduction.

Now second question why they select you. To answer this question you should start from your academics detail after that your internships which you did during your studies then the job experiences. I observed in many letter while I was reviewing that mostly students just talk about the academic and job experience in this question but you should talk about the extracurricular activities like when I wrote a letter for myself then I covered these points in this part of question like Willingness to run an extra mile, Teamwork, Leadership, Communication skills and Dedication. These are the hint points for your help. End this paragraph with convincing them, for example Relate your past experiences and especially your future goals to the program you’re applying for, tell them how would you are beneficial for this program more than other applicants.

Third question which you should cover in the letter is why you are applying in this program. This is very important part of the letter. Admission committee wants to know why you are applying to their study program. Approach of most students is that they just search the ranking and the country positive point like if they are applying in Turkey then they will write it’s a Muslim country or if they are apply in china then they will write Pak-China friendship. So make it unique rather then just write these things. You should check on google as well as ask alumni, explore the history of the program and the institution.

You must relate it with your subject for example I found that some professor did unique thing in the field of civil engineering then I will search more about it and I will give the reference that professor of your institute where I’m applying, did this thing and that is very informative and unique idea for the betterment of world. I want to work under their kind supervision. In this way you should end the paragraph.

Fourth and the last question which you have to answer is that what are your future goals and how do they relate to this program. Tell them how would you beneficial for the program more than other applicants. Additionally, tell them that these are my future goals this is what I wanted to and this is how this program is going to help me to achieve these goals so you connect your future goals to this program. You show them that you are passionate about them because this program is going to help your future goals. And answer this question as well how you help the humanity after completing that course.

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