KAUST International VSRP Internship in Saudi Arabia 2022 (Fully Funded)

KAUST International VSRP Internship 2022 for International Students:

KAUST International VSRP Internship in Saudi Arabia 2022 is an amazing opportunity for those persons who are having a zeal to learn and are interested in innovative projects of research in Saudi Arabia. This internship is fully funded and covers all expenses of the students. This provides a chance to the students with hands-on experience of life and work when the whole world is facing a pandemic. This internship is very helpful in the life of students and they give insight to the energetic minds of the students to broader their views and ideas in the horizons of science and engineering. The main aim of this KAUST internship is to build a healthy society by developing innovations and new ideas with the collaboration of the diverse cultural environment of students with advanced research facilities. All the brilliant minds around the globe are highly encouraged to apply for this internship and get a chance to become part of KAUST and bring a positive change in the advanced fields of science and technology through their mutual understanding and collaboration of the students. Students are reffer to Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship in Canada 2022 (Fully Funded).

The visiting student research program (VSPR) is sponsored by KAUST and this provides a chance for their pupils to collaborate with each other and communicate about research topics and ideas in an international research environment. The KAUST internship is fully funded and allows the brilliant candidates to face all types of challenges either are global issues, regional and national challenges under the supervision of the top-ranked mentors of the world. It provides students a valuable opportunity to polish their skills, increase their knowledge and abilities through various development options. Besides this, the KAUST internship program gathers all brilliant and young minds under one roof and trains them. And make them able to undertake the potential and practical study and experiments of carbon-free combustion. They also get a chance here to explore the new things which are still unexplored related to technologies. Thus, we may say that here KAUST gathered the world’s advanced scientists and engineers in one pool to explore new things and to create innovation.

This fully-funded internship in Saudi Arabia allows every brilliant mind and passionate student to polish their abilities and skills while becoming a member of this internationally accepted community which is a recognized research community in the world. Moreover, students work together with the people of having different cultural communities to help each other and discuss ideas and their potential positions at international, national, and regional levels further students can improve their decision-making ability in the field of research. It helps the research scholars with useful solutions by discussing different effective ideas and goal-oriented research. At the King Abdullah University of science and technology, the different departments give insight into the views and attention of scholars and students for different disciplines by this way, they create the interconnection of science and engineering and develop inter-disciplinary ideas to the fundamental issues.

The King Abdullah University of Science and Technology internship program has a broader vision that helps the students of the whole world. It is a complete code of harmony, faith, and coordination. These labs are well organized and provides to users or facilities. In this way, students get a direct approach to advance research methods and equipment under the highly qualified professionals of science and technology. The students work in a calm and learning environment with their mentors to complete their projects on time. The mentors always help the student to fulfill their service proposals and projects. Besides this training is also provided to all those brilliant students who want to complete their research projects while there is a special focus on their critical areas like food, energy, water, and their health, they are trying the welfare of the communities where they are living. Applicants may also interested in Imperial College President’s Scholarship in UK 2022 (Fully Funded).

KAUST International VSRP Internship Description:

  • Deadline: Apply anytime
  • Course Level: Internship
  • Scholarship Country: Saudi Arabia
  • University: King Abdullah University
  • Internship Duration: 3 to 6 months

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Award Benefits:

  • This is a fully-funded internship and providing facilities to students in the time of the pandemic.
  • Candidates will receive a monthly stipend worth up to $1000 per month.
  • A single bedroom along with an attached bathroom will also be provided to the candidate.
  • Visa and airfare will also be given to candidates.
  • The health insurance of the candidate will be provided.
  • Different types of social and cultural activities will be provided to the candidate to learn more.
  • A candidate will get free access to the labs.
  • The candidate will be given free access to research and other facilities.
  • They can coordinate with each other under diverse cultural environments.

Certificates Required:

  • Recommendation letter.
  • Valid passport.
  • Vaccine certificate.
  • Declaring purpose statement.
  • Curriculum vitae.
  • Official transcript of the last degree.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • All those students who have done their 3year degree program above Bachelor’s is available.
  • Fresh PhD degree holders are also eligible.
  • The CGPA of the candidate must be 3.5 out of 4.
  • The verbal and writing skills of English should be good.
  • Applicant must get 79 scores in TOEFL or 6.0 points in IELTS.

Application Timeline:

  • There is not any specific date to apply.
  • The applicants can apply all over the year.

Apply Procedure for KAUST International VSRP Internship:

  • There will be an online application through an email account.
  • When the registration process will be completed, the applicant will receive a notification.
  • All personal information should be correct like name, address, religion. Nationality and country.
  • Complete all the fields in the application carefully for the registration process.
  • Carefully complete details and submit the application.
  • When the application will be approved the candidate will receive a call from the administrative person of the KAUST for an interview.
  • When the applicant will be selected. he/she will get in touch with the travel advisor of the KAUST University.

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