Study in Australia | Key Points for International Students

Study in Australia | Key Points for International Students:

Today I want to talk about the Mistakes that international students make when they are applying for a visa to Australia. I’ve had so many questions about this country what happens what really goes on there jobs everything there are so many questions that we do have and most of the people who are dreaming to be in these countries. I believe that this is the best article for you. International students as you might know that so many people want to study in western countries or in Australia or in Canada or America and do this kind of stuff one of the things that international students need to know is most of them when we migrate to these countries at the end of the day, we want to attain our permanent residence. Also check University of Hawaii Postgraduate Scholarships 2022 in USA (Fully Funded).

We need to get a visa that we qualify to be part and parcel of these countries. So most of the countries that we come from, they allow us to dual citizenship or you can be a Pakistani like for myself, I can be a Pakistani and I can still at the same time be Australian. Or I can be a Canadian, I can be American stuff like that please when we make a decision to fly to this country. We never have that in mind most of the time we go to these agents they advise us. But they never tell us what the future might hold and this is where we go wrong. We don’t we have any idea, we just leave in our countries, we’re going to you know to get more studies and learn and network more but we have no idea what will happen when we get there now.

Listen to me every time you get to a western country there is a high chance maybe 90 percent items that after your studies you will want to live in that country. These are high chance because you’ll have made new friends imagine staying in a country for three years, four years, five years. There’s a high chance that you will want to live in that country so what should you do? Uh these agents when we approach them and tell them that we need to study in these countries most of them maybe have no idea they have never lived in the countries. In those countries they don’t know what really happens in there. Must visit How to get Google Analytics Free Certification

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But they are registered to take you there to study for example let’s say you want to do bachelor in information technology or you want to do it and your purpose to fly to Australia to do it. That will be your plan so you see then you meet an agent, you pay the fees that is due the school fees and everything ,and trust me like for example in Pakistan shillings the amount of money that you pay per semester you can even study for may be one or two years in Pakistan because it’s really a lot it’s may be that will be over 900,000 per semester in a good university in Australia. So you see the agent and the agent will tell you that I have a university that can take you and they are happy to I’m happy to send your documents and get enrolled in University.

But there are things that they never say that what happen after you graduate. I know there migration changes everything is changing but every time you go to a migration officer, please remember depending on the cost that you are choosing because most of us come here to do our masters or our degrees and everything because there is a high chance that you might plan to stay or stay longer or get permanent residents please remember to ask your agent is the course that I’m doing is it accredited with the accreditation body in that country.

Why? let’s say you come, fly to Australia and you are doing a bachelor’s in community services for example and then there’s a body that accredited, Accredits Community Service that is ACWA, or Australia community workers association if you go to a university. A University can have the course, the course that is related but they are not accredited. What does that mean? That means you will pay your school fees, you will study for a semester or two or three and by the end of the day after you graduate you cannot get accredited. So you’ll be in Australia you’ve studied. You’ve paid a lot of school fees but the school the course wasn’t recognized so it doesn’t matter the course that you’re choosing the college that you’re choosing. If you want to do IT please go to google check the body that accredits IT people check it. Check if your university is there is it accredited? Is it qualified boom apply for it? If it’s not. Don’t do it because if you do it that means, you pay you’ll stay in school for three, four years and by the end of the day you might have to study again to qualify for permanent residence.

The other thing is it’s good to check competition? Remember all the accreditation applies with all courses so before you go for any course. So, that you don’t waste your time, your money resources and everything. Please make sure it is accredited with the Australian body that does it, because there’s no way you will go for. There’s no way you’ll go for permanent residence if your course is not accredited by that particular body. Number two remember that we have competition. For example there’s accounting, there’s information technology, there is community services social work, all those kind of stuff please before you choose the course.

It is good to investigate about the immigration situation for example how many points are required for my course if I’m doing social work? How many points are they using you know to invite people for permanent residency. Sometimes some of the courses have 110 points. Which is crazy, it’s hard and maybe you are 35 years of age and cannot get these points. You know it is good to understand the system before you choose the course. Don’t only go to the agent and tell that I love Australia, I want to be part of Australia because there is a chance that you will want to stay here. So investigate about the course, whether it’s accredited and also investigate whether that costs good. A lot of competition. If the competition is high that means everyone has maybe so many people are studying for the course.

So they have raised the points for permanent residence which means then it might be harder for you to get a chance. It is important that you at least adhere to these points because I’ve seen so many people who have come in this place amazingly. They have studied, they have worked hard for their course and then you finish your course and you’re like oh my course isn’t even accredited. Oh I need so many points for me to qualify for for permanent residence. So for you to avoid all these dramas, all these headaches, before you make the decision while you are in your home country. Whether you are in Asia in whatever .Whether you’re in America and you want to fly to another country to study.

Investigate about their accreditation, investigate about the competition that they have and trust me if you have those two things in mind you will be on point because there is a high chance that you will finish your college and straight away you will be on a good position to apply for your permanent residence. And you can choose whether to stay longer or you can choose to go home instead of being in no option zone. So if you can do it go for that choice and stay and make sure that you are doing the right thing. At the right time so you don’t waste money or resources. I believe that money is important to you and you need to get down and settle down and become a permanent resident. Or a citizen and then do other things.  You have a lot of things to do in life but studying, studying, studying. You didn’t make a good decision then that’s not helpful.

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