How to Apply for MBBS in China?

How to Apply for MBBS in China?

Here we are going to discuss about How to Apply for MBBS in China? Chinese Medical colleges are ranked in the world to 500 colleges and they are also recognized by WHO. The application process is very simple. Just follow the given instructions:

Hey guys! So, MBBS admissions for the 2022 intake will officially open November! So, we all know that China offers one of the most competitive and the best-value English medium MBBS programs in the world. That’s why it’s one of the fastest growing destinations for international students who wants to study medicine. And as of 2020, 45 clinical schools offering MBBS in English. So, are you ready to study at one of these schools? Then let me go in depth about what to expect when you apply to these programs. So, let me give you now, an MBBS program overview. What does MBBS stand for? MBBS stands for Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery. And it is one of the most popular undergraduate degrees in China. Also visit How to get Admission and Scholarships in Seoul National University?

And MBBS programs in China are also internationally recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO). And most medical universities in China offer MBBS programs for six years. And you will spend for the first five years, in a classroom training, to have a solid medical knowledge. And the remaining one year, you will spend at the hospital   doing internship, to actually strengthen your clinical skills. So here, I will put an MBBS sample curriculum that you can look at in China. So, why many international students choose to come to China to do MBBS program? So firstly, China offers high quality of education with affordable tuition fee. What’s more, China is a worldwide innovator in the field of current medication, and a significant number of its clinical colleges are really positioned among the best 500 clinical colleges on the planet.

Cost to Study MBBS in China:

And the best part of medical education in China is, of course, its affordable tuition fee. It’s about 70 percent cheaper than those in Western countries. So, the tuition can be as low as 3,000 USD per year to up to 10,000 USD per year. Secondly guys, MBBS in China offers quick admissions processing. So, the ease of admissions for MBBS in China is unlike any other country in the world. So, the eligibility criteria are simple and can be easily compiled by students. And good thing is that, international students are also not required to take any entrance tests to study MBBS in China. This actually saves our students a lot of time from these hectic admissions procedures and stiff competition. Thirdly guys, MBBS in China are globally recognized. So, Chinese MBBS Degree is recognized by WHO. Along these lines, alumni of MBBS programs from China are qualified to take various public clinical screening tests in many pieces of the world. And there are several top medical schools in China, such as Shantou University Medical College, Nanjing Medical University, Xiamen University School of Medicine, Jiangsu University Medical School, Capital Medical University, Zhejiang University School of Medicine and many more. Apply for Koc University Graduate Scholarship 2022 in Turkey (Fully Funded).

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Application Process:

Now, let’s discuss about the admissions procedures. How to get accepted to these MBBS programs, right? So, basic requirement is that you should be at least 18 years old, and you better be under 30 years old. And you should also hold a valid high school diploma and high school transcript. And on your transcript, you should have three subjects – physics, chemistry, and biology grades. And grades for all these three subjects must be minimum 70 percent. And to increase your chances of acceptance, you better have higher grade in biology, and also at least 70 percent in mathematics.

Documents to be Submitted:

Now, let me go through the required documents that you should submit for your application. So firstly, universities ask for personal statement letter. It’s an essay introducing yourself, your goals and motivation to study medicine. Why did you want to study in China? Why did you want to study in this college? And what is your future plan after your graduation? And secondly, universities ask for CV – curriculum vitae. They want you to include details of your educational experiences. If you’re a high school graduate, you will need to include your primary school, middle school, and high schools there. And also, you will have to include your work volunteering and other experiences that can help for your application. So, the third document, which is one of the most important documents is, of course, your official high school diploma and transcript with school stamp and the signature.

And, you might be a student who is in your last year of high school, so maybe you haven’t graduated yet, you cannot yet provide an official high school diploma and transcript. Then, you don’t have to worry. Then, what you should do is that, you should contact your school and ask for an expected graduation letter, which is a letter that includes your name and expect a graduation date, and that proves that you are studying in the school and you will graduate at this date. It should have a school stamp of course, and the signature and transcript, also the same.

Fourth document asked by the universities is physical examination record with blood test results at the public hospital in your country. So, we have a form that university will provide you. You will have to print out that form and take it to the public hospital in your country, and let the physicians fill out the form and put the hospital stamp and the signature. Fifth document asked by some medical universities is recommendation letter. So, your recommendation letter should have details of your recommender’s affiliation and position. Also, it should include an original signature, email and the phone number of that contact person.

Sixth document asked by universities is, of course, valid passports. So, your application for universities will be binded to your passport number. Why they require passport? Students ask us, why do you require passport? Because, later you will receive a visa. So, after your admissions, because your application is binded to your passport number, they’ll issue a visa form that will be sent to your home country under your passport number. That’s why it’s required to have a valid passport while you apply to universities.

So, the seven document asked by universities is English proficiency exam. Because your MBBS program will be taught in English, you will have to prove to these universities that you will understand your classes in English language. So, if you are a native English speaker, or if your previous education, your high school was fully taught in English, then you don’t have to provide English proficiency exam. However, if your education was not taught in English before, and if you are not a native speaker, then you will have to provide this English proficiency exam, like TOEFL or IELTS to prove that you speak English.

And also, China Admissions, we actually understand that during these hard times, it’s very hard to travel physically to IELTS and TOEFL centers to give this exam. That’s why we have an exam for you, online exam that you can take. It’s   called International English Test. So, the last document asked by universities is proof of financial support. So, they usually ask you for an accounts statement of the last six months, with a minimum closing balance of 7,000 USD. And if you don’t have the money and you have a sponsor, maybe your sponsor is your parents, your uncles or company, then they can also provide their identity and provide a sponsorship letter for you with their bank statements.

So now, we have talked about the eligibility criteria, which documents you should provide to universities for your application. Now, the question must be, how to apply to these universities? So, the process is very simple, it’s a three-step application process. So firstly, you will have to search your MBBS program on  and click on your desired MBBS program, and just click apply on the chosen program. And secondly, you will have to upload the requirement documents we just discussed, and pay the university application fee. And thirdly, you will just have to wait for your admission confirmation. If you get accepted, you will be sent an invitation letter. And after that, you can process your visa and get ready to study an MBBS program in China.

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