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Oxford University Clarendon Scholarships in UK 2024-25 | Free Study in UK

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Oxford University Clarendon Scholarships Overview:

International Students are advised to apply for Oxford University Clarendon Scholarships in the UK for the academic year 2024-25. Students from all countries are eligible to apply for Fully Funded Scholarships to pursue Master’s and PhD Degrees at Oxford University in the UK. There is no application fee for students during the application process. Students have a prestigious opportunity to study at Oxford University in the United Kingdom with full scholarships. You can also apply for Australian National University Scholarships in Australia 2024-25 | Free Study in Australia

The UK government assists students from underdeveloped nations by awarding several Oxford University Clarendon Scholarships. Poor-country students lack the resources necessary for higher education. Clarendon offers more than 140 fully funded scholarships to deserving students each year. After completing their studies in the UK, students are also permitted to work for approximately two years. During Study, a Work Permit is Issued to Students. 

A great chance to Enroll yourself in the World’s Best Oxford University funded by the Government of the UK to complete a Master’s and PhD Degree under the Oxford University Clarendon Scholarship. Selected students will receive assistance with all costs, including tuition, books, medical care, and a monthly stipend. The Duration of MS Degree programs will be 1 or 2 Years; for PhD, Degrees will be 3 to 4 years.

The World Ranking of Oxford University is 5th in all over the globe by QS list 2021 but in the UK Oxford University is Number 2nd. This is a fantastic chance for international students to study at the fifth-best university in the world. Academic fields are available at Oxford University Clarendon Scholarship like Humanities, Mathematics, Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, Health Sciences, Social Sciences and Education, Law, Information Technology, and Arts Subjects. Students! Don’t miss out on applying for University of Brunei Darussalam Scholarships 2024-25 [Fully Funded] | Apply Online For Free

Oxford University Clarendon Scholarship Description:

Scholarship Country United Kingdom (UK)
Offered by University of Oxford
Course Level Master’s, D Phil and PhD Degrees
Financial Coverage Fully Funded
Who is Eligible? International Students
Deadline Date Different For Each Program


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Financial Benefits For Oxford University Clarendon Scholarship:

Selected students for the Oxford University Clarendon Scholarship in the UK will get under mentioned financial coverage:

  • Clarendon Scholarships Paying for Living During Study and Tuition.
  • Selected Students received an Annual Grant for Living Expenses Sufficient to Cover the Living Costs of a Single Student in the UK.
  • A total amount of £15,009 will be given per year.

Oxford University Clarendon Scholarship Eligibility Requirements:

To be successful for the Oxford University Clarendon Scholarship in the UK, interested students must fulfil the below-mentioned eligibility criteria:

  • You need your undergraduate transcript—or something comparable—if you want a master’s degree.
  • For a Doctoral Degree, you must have a Master’s degree transcript.
  • The university will accept the IELTS, TOEFL, and Cambridge English exams if English is not your first language.
  •  Requirements for the Course Visit Link.
  • All Internationals are eligible to apply for the Oxford University Clarendon Scholarship in the UK in 2024/25.

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Programs Offered by Oxford University Clarendon Scholarship:

Oxford University Clarendon Scholarship in the UK offers all Major Subjects of Master’s and PhD for International Students. Selection of any subject depends on the students:

All academic programmes are available to international students applying for the Clarendon Scholarship in the UK. You Can Select any Course.

  • Advanced Bioscience of Viral Products DPhil
  • Advanced Computer Science MSc
  • African Studies MSc
  • Ancient History DPhil
  • Ancient Philosophy MSt
  • Anthropology DPhil
  • Applied Cancer Science MSc
  • Applied Digital Health MSc
  • Applied Landscape Archaeology MSc
  • Applied Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition MSc
  • Applied Linguistics for Language Teaching MSc
  • Applied Theology MTh
  • Applied Theology PGDip
  • Archaeological Science DPhil
  • Archaeological Science MSc
  • Archaeology DPhil
  • Archaeology MSc
  • Architectural History DPhil
  • Architectural History PGCert
  • Area Studies DPhil
  • Artificial Intelligence for Business PGDip
  • Asian and Middle Eastern Studies DPhil
  • Asian and Middle Eastern Studies MSt
  • Astrophysics DPhil
  • Atmospheric, Oceanic and Planetary Physics DPhil
  • Atomic and Laser Physics DPhil
  • Autonomous Intelligent Machines and Systems EPSRC CDT
  • Bachelor of Civil Law BCL
  • Bible Interpretation MSt
  • Biochemistry (Skaggs-Oxford Programme) DPhil
  • Biochemistry DPhil
  • Biochemistry MSc by Research
  • Biodiversity, Conservation and Management MPhil
  • Biodiversity, Conservation and Management MSc
  • Biology DPhil
  • Biomedical Sciences (NIH OxCam) DPhil
  • Buddhist Studies MPhil
  • Cancer Science DPhil
  • Cardiovascular Science DPhil
  • Cellular Structural Biology DPhil
  • Celtic Studies MPhil
  • Celtic Studies MSt
  • Chemical Biology DPhil

  • Chemical Biology MSc by Research
  • Chemistry in Cells: New Technologies to Probe Complex Biology and Medicine DPhil
  • Classical Archaeology DPhil
  • Classical Archaeology MPhil
  • Classical Archaeology MSt
  • Classical Armenian Studies MSt
  • Classical Hebrew Studies MSt
  • Classical Indian Religion MPhil
  • Classical Languages and Literature DPhil
  • Clinical and Therapeutic Neuroscience MSc
  • Clinical Embryology MSc
  • Clinical Epidemiology and Medical Statistics DPhil
  • Clinical Medicine DPhil
  • Clinical Neurosciences DPhil
  • Clinical Neurosciences MSc by Research
  • Clinical Psychology DClinPsych
  • Clinical Trials MSc
  • Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology MSc
  • Cognitive Behavioural Studies PGCert
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy DPhil
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy MSc
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy PGCert
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy PGDip
  • Comparative Literature and Critical Translation MSt
  • Comparative Social Policy MPhil
  • Comparative Social Policy MSc
  • Computational Discovery DPhil
  • Computer Science DPhil
  • Condensed Matter Physics DPhil
  • Contemporary Chinese Studies MSc
  • Creative Writing MSt
  • Criminology and Criminal Justice MSc
  • Criminology DPhil
  • Cuneiform Studies MPhil
  • Development Studies MPhil
  • Digital Scholarship MSc
  • Diplomatic Studies MSt
  • Earth Sciences DPhil
  • Eastern Christian Studies MPhil
  • Ecological Survey Techniques PGCert
  • Economic and Social History MPhil
  • Economic and Social History MSc
  • Economics for Development MSc

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  • Economics combined MPhil and DPhil
  • Economics DPhil
  • Economics MPhil
  • Education (Child Development and Education) MSc
  • Education (Comparative and International Education) MSc
  • Education (Digital and Social Change) MSc
  • Education (Higher Education) MSc
  • Education (Research Design and Methodology) MSc
  • Education DPhil
  • Educational Assessment MSc
  • Egyptology MPhil
  • Energy Systems MSc
  • Engineering Science DPhil
  • Engineering Science MSc by Research
  • English (​650-1550) MSt
  • English (1550-1700) MSt
  • English (1700-1830) MSt
  • English (1830-1914) MSt
  • English (1900-Present) MSt
  • English and American Studies MSt
  • English Local History DPhil
  • English Local History MSc
  • English Studies (Medieval Period) MPhil
  • English DPhil
  • Enhanced Cognitive Behavioural Therapy PGCert
  • Environmental Change and Management MPhil
  • Environmental Change and Management MSc
  • Environmental Research NERC DTP
  • Evidence-Based Health Care (Medical Statistics) MSc
  • Evidence-Based Health Care (Systematic Reviews) MSc
  • Evidence-Based Health Care (Teaching and Education) MSc
  • Evidence-Based Health Care DPhil
  • Evidence-Based Health Care MSc
  • Evidence-Based Social Intervention and Policy Evaluation MPhil
  • Evidence-Based Social Intervention and Policy Evaluation MSc
  • Executive MBA EMBA
  • Experimental and Translational Therapeutics MSc
  • Experimental Psychology DPhil
  • Experimental Psychology MSc by Research
  • Film Aesthetics MSt
  • Finance DPhil
  • Financial Economics MSc
  • Financial Strategy PGDip
  • Fine Art DPhil
  • Fine Art MFA

  • Future Propulsion and Power EPSRC CDT
  • Genomic Medicine and Statistics DPhil
  • Genomic Medicine MSc
  • Geography and the Environment DPhil
  • Global and Area Studies MPhil
  • Global and Imperial History MSt
  • Global Business PGDip
  • Global Governance and Diplomacy MSc
  • Global Health Research PGDip
  • Global Health Science and Epidemiology MSc
  • Global Healthcare Leadership MSc
  • Greek and/or Latin Languages and Literature MPhil
  • Greek and/or Latin Languages and Literature MSt
  • Greek and/or Roman History MPhil
  • Greek and/or Roman History MSt
  • Health Data Science EPSRC CDT
  • Health Research PGCert
  • Health Research PGDip
  • Historical Studies MSt
  • Historical Studies PGCert
  • History (Economic and Social History) DPhil
  • History of Art and Visual Culture MSt
  • History of Art DPhil
  • History of Design MSt
  • History of Science, Medicine and Technology MPhil
  • History of Science, Medicine and Technology MSc
  • History DPhil
  • History MPhil
  • History MSt

  • Inflammatory and Musculoskeletal Disease DPhil
  • Information, Communication and the Social Sciences DPhil
  • Inorganic Chemistry for Future Manufacturing ESPRC CDT
  • Inorganic Chemistry DPhil
  • Inorganic Chemistry MSc by Research
  • Integrated Immunology MSc
  • Intellectual Property Law and Practice PGDip
  • Intellectual Property MSc
  • Interdisciplinary Bioscience BBSRC DTP
  • International Development DPhil
  • International Health and Tropical Medicine MSc
  • International Human Rights Law MSc
  • International Relations DPhil
  • International Relations MPhil
  • International Wildlife Conservation Practice PGDip
  • Ion Channels and Membrane Transport in Health and Disease (OXION) DPhil
  • Islamic Art and Architecture MPhil
  • Islamic Art and Architecture MSt
  • Islamic Studies and History MPhil
  • Islamic Studies and History MSt
  • Japanese Studies MPhil
  • Japanese Studies MSc
  • Jewish Studies in the Graeco-Roman Period MPhil
  • Jewish Studies in the Graeco-Roman Period MSt
  • Jewish Studies MPhil
  • Jewish Studies MSt
  • Judaism and Christianity in the Graeco-Roman World MPhil
  • Korean Studies MSt
  • Late Antique and Byzantine Studies MPhil
  • Late Antique and Byzantine Studies MSt
  • Latin American Studies MPhil
  • Latin American Studies MSc
  • Law and Finance MSc
  • Law DPhil
  • Law MPhil

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  • Learning and Teaching MSc
  • Linguistics, Philology and Phonetics DPhil
  • Linguistics, Philology and Phonetics MPhil
  • Linguistics, Philology and Phonetics MSt
  • Literature and Arts DPhil
  • Literature and Arts MSt
  • Magister Juris MJur
  • Major Programme Management MSc
  • Management DPhil
  • Master of Business Administration MBA
  • Master of Business Administration Oxford 1+1 MBA programme
  • Materials DPhil
  • Materials MSc by Research
  • Mathematical and Computational Finance MSc
  • Mathematical and Theoretical Physics MSc
  • Mathematical Modelling and Scientific Computing MSc
  • Mathematical Sciences MSc
  • Mathematics and Foundations of Computer Science MSc
  • Mathematics of Random Systems: Analysis, Modelling and Algorithms EPSRC CDT
  • Mathematics DPhil
  • Mathematics MSc by Research
  • Medical Anthropology MPhil
  • Medical Anthropology MSc
  • Medical Education MSc
  • Medical Physics with Radiobiology MSc
  • Medical Sciences DPhil
  • Medicine BM BCh (Graduate entry)
  • Medicine DM
  • Medieval and Modern Languages DPhil
  • Medieval Studies MSt
  • Migration Studies DPhil
  • Migration Studies MSc

  • Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy MSt
  • Modelling for Global Health MSc
  • Modern Chinese Studies MPhil
  • Modern Languages MPhil
  • Modern Languages MSt
  • Modern Middle Eastern Studies MPhil
  • Modern Middle Eastern Studies MSc
  • Modern South Asian Studies MPhil
  • Modern South Asian Studies MSc
  • Modern Statistics and Statistical Machine Learning EPSRC CDT
  • Molecular and Cellular Medicine DPhil
  • Molecular and Cellular Medicine MSc by Research
  • Molecular Cell Biology in Health and Disease DPhil
  • Musculoskeletal Sciences DPhil
  • Musculoskeletal Sciences MSc
  • Musculoskeletal Sciences MSc by Research
  • Music (Composition) MPhil
  • Music (Composition) MSt
  • Music (Musicology) MPhil
  • Music (Musicology) MSt
  • Music (Performance) MPhil
  • Music (Performance) MSt
  • Music DPhil
  • Nanotechnology for Medicine and Health Care MSc
  • Nanotechnology PGCert
  • Nature, Society and Environmental Governance MPhil
  • Nature, Society and Environmental Governance MSc
  • Neuroscience combined MSc and DPhil
  • Neuroscience MSc
  • Oncology DPhil

  • Oncology MSc by Research
  • Organic Chemistry DPhil
  • Organic Chemistry MSc by Research
  • Organisational Leadership PGDip
  • Paediatric Infectious Diseases MSc
  • Paediatric Infectious Diseases PGCert
  • Paediatric Infectious Diseases PGDip
  • Paediatrics DPhil
  • Paediatrics MSc by Research
  • Particle Physics DPhil
  • Patient Safety PGCert
  • PGCE PGCert
  • Pharmacology DPhil
  • Pharmacology MSc
  • Pharmacology MSc by Research
  • Philosophical Theology MPhil
  • Philosophical Theology MSt
  • Philosophy of Physics MSt
  • Philosophy BPhil
  • Philosophy DPhil
  • Physical and Theoretical Chemistry DPhil
  • Physical and Theoretical Chemistry MSc by Research
  • Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics DPhil
  • Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics MSc by Research
  • Political Theory Research MSc
  • Politics (Comparative Government) MPhil
  • Politics (European Politics and Society) MPhil
  • Politics (Political Theory) MPhil
  • Politics Research MSc
  • Politics DPhil
  • Population Health DPhil
  • Practical Ethics MSt
  • Precision Cancer Medicine MSc
  • Primary Health Care DPhil
  • Psychiatry DPhil
  • Psychiatry MSc by Research
  • Psychodynamic Counselling PGCert
  • Psychodynamic Practice MSt
  • Psychodynamic Practice PGDip
  • Psychological Research MSc
  • Public Policy Research MSc
  • Public Policy 1+1 (MPP + MSc)
  • Public Policy DPhil
  • Public Policy MPP

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  • Qualitative Health Research Methods PGCert
  • Radiobiology MSc
  • Refugee and Forced Migration Studies MSc
  • Russian and East European Studies MPhil
  • Russian and East European Studies MSc
  • Slavonic Studies MPhil
  • Slavonic Studies MSt
  • Sleep Medicine MSc
  • Sleep Medicine PGDip
  • Social Anthropology MPhil
  • Social Anthropology MSc
  • Social Data Science combined MSc and DPhil
  • Social Data Science DPhil
  • Social Data Science MSc
  • Social Intervention and Policy Evaluation DPhil
  • Social Policy DPhil
  • Social Science of the Internet + Information, Communication and the Social
  • Sciences combined MSc and DPhil
  • Social Science of the Internet MSc
  • Socio-Legal Research MPhil
  • Socio-Legal Studies DPhil
  • Sociology and Demography MPhil
  • Sociology DPhil
  • Sociology MSc
  • Software and Systems Security MSc
  • Software Engineering MSc
  • Statistical Science MSc
  • Statistical Science PGDip
  • Statistics and Epidemiology PGCert
  • Statistics DPhil
  • Statistics MSc by Research
  • Strategy and Innovation PGDip
  • Study of Religions MSt
  • Surgical Science and Practice MSc
  • Surgical Sciences DPhil
  • Surgical Sciences MSc by Research
  • Sustainability, Enterprise and the Environment MSc
  • Sustainable Approaches to Biomedical Science: Responsible and Reproducible
  • Research EPSRC CDT

  • Sustainable Urban Development DPhil
  • Sustainable Urban Development MSc
  • Synthesis for Biology and Medicine CDT
  • Taxation MSc
  • Teacher Education MSc
  • Teaching Evidence-Based Health Care PGCert
  • Theology and Religion DPhil
  • Theology and Religion PGDip
  • Theology MPhil
  • Theology MSt
  • Theoretical and Computational Chemistry MSc
  • Theoretical Physics DPhil
  • Tibetan and Himalayan Studies MPhil
  • Traditional China MSt
  • Traditional East Asia MPhil
  • Translational Health Sciences DPhil
  • Translational Health Sciences MSc
  • Visual, Material and Museum Anthropology MPhil
  • Visual, Material and Museum Anthropology MSc
  • Water Science, Policy and Management MPhil
  • Water Science, Policy and Management MSc
  • Wind and Marine Energy Systems and Structures (DEng) EPSRC CDT
  • Wind and Marine Energy Systems and Structures (DPhil) EPSRC CDT
  • Women’s and Reproductive Health DPhil
  • Women’s and Reproductive Health MSc by Research
  • Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies MSt
  • World Literature in English MSt
  • Yiddish Studies MSt

A detailed list of study programs is available at Visit Link.

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List of Departments at Oxford University:

Undermentioned is the list of departments. Students can choose a department of their choice under the Oxford University Clarendon Scholarship:

  • Department of Computer Science
  • Oxford School of Global and Area Studies
  • Faculty of Classics
  • Faculty of Philosophy
  • School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography
  • Department for Continuing Education
  • Faculty of Theology and Religion
  • School of Archaeology
  • Oxford School of Global and Area Studies
  • Said Business School
  • Department of Physics

Required Documents For Oxford University Clarendon Scholarship:

Undermentioned is the list of required documents to be uploaded prior to applying for the Oxford University Clarendon Scholarship in the UK 2023/24:

Important Note: Increase your chances of acceptance for the Oxford University Clarendon Scholarship in the UK using our Professional Writing Tips. Click Here

Oxford University Clarendon Scholarship Application Deadline:

The last date for the Online Submission of Application for the Oxford University Clarendon Scholarship in the UK is Different for Each Program. Apply before the deadline.

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How To Apply For Oxford University Clarendon Scholarship:

The whole application process is online. International Students are advised to read all instructions before starting the application for the Oxford University Clarendon Scholarship in the UK. Please visit the below-mentioned link to apply online OR see the Video for Guidelines About the Application Process.

Apply Link

Official Scholarship Link

See the Complete Video For Complete Application Process:

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