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List of Scholarships Due in March 2024 | Free Scholarships With Deadlines in March

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Scholarships Due in March 2024:

To get higher study at the world’s best institutions is a wonderful  dream of talented students. All International students seeking to pursue their Undergraduate, Master’s and PhD Degree Programs under Fully Funded Scholarships in Europe. In this blog post, a list of scholarships with ending dates in March 2024 is provided. students can apply for the scholarships of their choices. To aid aspirant students, we have compiled a thorough list of Scholarships Due in March 2024. Also, Visit Concordia University Scholarship in Canada 2024-25 | Free Presidential Scholarships

Students studying in High School, an Undergraduate, Graduate, PhD Student, or Postdoctorate Student this list can assist you in finding a variety of scholarship options to support your academic endeavours in Europe or other developed countries for the academic year 2024-25. Here, in this article, we are producing a List of Scholarships Due in March 2024. Don’t Miss To Apply For Griffith University Scholarships in Australia 2024 [Fully Funded] | Free Study in Australia

List of Scholarships Due in March 2024

1# South China University of Technology Scholarship [Fully Funded]:

The South China University of Technology Scholarships in China are open for International Students for the academic year 2024-25. These Fully Funded Chinese Government CSC Scholarships are available to pursue Master’s Degree Programs and PhD Degree programs. This is a fully-funded scholarship program for the 2024-25 session. There will be No Application Fee will be charged to students and there is no need for IELTS for this scholarship. These scholarships due in March 31st, 2024.

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2# Hamad Bin Khalifa University Scholarships [Fully Funded]:

Qatar is one of the best and most developed countries in the world having the best study opportunities for talented aspirants. International Students are strongly invited to apply for Hamad Bin Khalifa University Scholarships in Qatar 2024All the Major Subjects and Specializations like Social Sciences, Arts, Computer, Engineering, Business and Islamic Education, management and Development subjects are available. Students with excellent academic records may apply for these Fully Funded Qatar Scholarships to pursue UndergraduateMaster’s and PhD Degrees. There is no Application Fee charged to students.  These scholarships due in March 14th For Citizens of Qatar.

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3# USTC Scholarships in China [Fully Funded]:

International Students are advised to apply for USTC Scholarships 2024 in China. Students from all over the World as well as from China can apply for Fully Funded Chinese Scholarships to pursue Undergraduate, Master’s, and PhD Degree programs. This is a fully-funded USTC scholarship for the 2024-25 session. All the Major Subjects and specializations like Electronic Science and Technology, Electronics and InformationAutomationAeronautics as well as Computer Science and Technology, etc. are available here. No Application Fee will be charged to students.  These Chinese scholarships due in March 31, 2024.

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4# Shanghai Jiao Tong University Scholarships [Fully Funded]:

International Students are advised to apply for Shanghai Jiao Tong University Scholarships 2024 in China. Students from all over the world can apply for these Fully Funded Scholarships to pursue Master’s and Doctoral Degree Programs. The awards will cover all expenses. The duration of the Master’s Degree is 2-3 Years and 4 Years for Doctoral Programs. These scholarships due in March 31st 2024. The university is offering multiple scholarship awards for International Students to Study Free in China.

Study Abroad on Fully Funded Scholarships

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5# SIIT Scholarships in Thailand 2024-25 [Fully Funded]:

In search of higher education prospects, many students travel to Thailand. It is not surprising that many students are interested in studying in Thailand given that country’s rich culture, low cost of living, and top-notch universities. SIIT Scholarships in Thailand 2024-25 are one of the greatest methods to pay for Master’s and PhD degrees in Thailand. SIIT University scholarships in Thailand have been offered at one of Thailand’s finest colleges the Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology (SIIT). These scholarships due in March 15 2024. We will examine the many scholarships granted by the government, colleges, and other organisations in this blog post for students in Thailand.

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6# Tsinghua University CSC Scholarships [Fully Funded]:

International Students are advised to Apply for Tsinghua University CSC Scholarships in China. Students from all countries can apply for Fully Funded Scholarships announced by Tsinghua University to pursue Undergraduate Degree ProgramsMaster’s Degrees and PhD Degree Programs. Every academic field is open for enrollment. All Chinese colleges are eligible to apply for several scholarships from the Chinese government through the Chinese Scholarship Council for Developing Countries. Talented students from throughout the globe are drawn to apply for these scholarships. These scholarships due in March 31st, 2024.

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7# Austrian Government Scholarships 2024 [Fully Funded]:

Austrian Government Scholarships 2024 for International Students have been offered to pursue higher education in Austria to pursue UndergraduateMaster’s and PhD Degrees  . There are more than 30 Fully Funded scholarships in Austria for international students available from priority countries and other developing nations through the Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management, part of the Austrian Development Cooperation(ADC). According to the requirements of the global leisure and tourism industry, they educate aspiring business owners and staff. These scholarships due in March 31, 2024. The Salzburg Tourism School has a long history and an outstanding international reputation.

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8# Kuwait Scholarships Without IELTS [Fully Funded]:

International Students are advised to apply for Fully Funded Kuwait Scholarships in Kuwait Without IELTS 2024-2025. Kingdom of Kuwait Apply for Kuwait Scholarships without IELTS and get free education in Kuwait. Kuwait is an emirate. Amir is the head of state. Kuwaiti government scholarships from the Kuwaiti Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Education are also open for application for the 2024-2025 batch. It is an Arab country in West Asia. The Kuwaiti government offers Fully Funded Scholarships for 2024-25 for UndergraduateMaster’s, and PhD degree programs from Kuwaiti universities.  These scholarships due in March 1st, 2024.

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9# Bond University Scholarships in Australia [Fully Funded]:

International Students are advised to apply for Bond University Scholarships in Australia for the 2024-25 session. Students from all over the world are eligible to apply for Fully Funded Australian scholarships for international students to pursue PhD Degree Programs.  No Application Fee will be admissible to the applicants. All the Major Subjects and Specializations in sciences, Arts, Business, and computers are available. These scholarships due in March 31st, 2024. The scholarship would include tuition exemptions and an accommodation allowance of $29,863 per annum. In this blog, we will discuss how to apply for scholarships in Australia for international students.

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10# Chinese Government Scholarships at Northeast Agricultural University [Fully Funded]:

International Students are advised to apply for Northeast Agricultural University Chinese Government Scholarships in China. Students from all countries can apply for Fully Funded Scholarships to pursue Master’s Degree Programs and Doctoral Degree ProgramsNo Application Fee Will be Charged from Students.All the Academic Fields including Sciences, Social Sciences, Physical Sciences, Arts, Engineering, Computer, Business, Management, and Information Technology are available at Northeast Agricultural University. These scholarships due in March 15, 2024. All the Courses are taught in the English Language So IELTS is not Required.

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