Asian Development Bank Summer Internship 2023 (Fully Funded)

Asian Development Bank Summer Internship 2023 (Fully Funded)

Asian Development Bank Summer Internship for International Students:

International students are advised to apply for the Asian Development Bank Summer Internship 2023 in ADB member countries. Students from all ADB member countries are eligible to apply for fully funded internships to improve their practical skills. The internship will start in June 2022/23. Postgraduate students are the only ones who can apply for ADB internship. That is, if you are pursuing a Masters Degree or PhD degree, you are eligible. There is no application fee for this summer internship program. You don’t need IELTS or TOFEL, just English Proficiency Certificate. Almost all subjects including science, engineering, medicine and technology are offered. Also visit European Union Internship Program in Europe 2023 (Fully Funded).

The internship program provides project-based learning opportunities for graduate students to gain experience through research projects based on ADB’s current operating needs. ADB provides loans, technical assistance, grants and equity investments to its members and partners to promote social and economic development. The location of the internship will be determined by the country in which you apply. As stated earlier, ADB has 68 member countries. You are free to apply in any of the 68 countries. When applying for an ADB internship, you must be a student in a Masters or PhD level program.

Every year, the Asian Development Bank awards fully funded scholarships and internships to exceptional students who do not have the financial resources to pursue education. ADB Summer Internship Program is one of the fully funded internships for skill development. The duration of the program is approximately 8 weeks, during which all expenses will be covered for selected students. So never miss this opportunity to hone your skills. Must read about 600 University of Melbourne Graduate Scholarship in Australia 2023 (Fully Funded).

Asian Development Bank Summer Internship Description:

  • Deadline: 15th September 2022
  • Course level: Summer Internship
  • Scholarship country: ADB member countries
  • Award value: Fully Funded
  • Offered by: Asian Development Bank

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Award Benefits:

Stipend: A stipend is provided to all interns based on their internship location for up to 56 calendar days.

Airfare Ticket: ADB provides a restricted amount to pay a portion of the cost of air travel between the internship site and the permitted place of origin (i.e. school location).

Advantages of ADB Summer Internship Program:

  • working for a large international development agency
  • Collaborate with experienced experts from over 50 countries; get a better grasp of development financing and the effect of ADB’s activities; and
  • Contribute to ADB’s business by producing research outcomes

Programs offered by Asian Development Bank Summer Internship opportunity:

Students currently enrolled in one of the following degree program are eligible to apply for internship program:

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Materials Science and Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Environmental Science and Engineering
  • Life Sciences
  • Physics and Chemistry
  • Biomedical Science and Engineering
  • Integrated Technology

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Eligibility Requirements:

ADB publishes internship opportunities twice a year and welcomes submissions from industrious, open-minded, and self-directed people.

  • Be a citizen of one of the ADB members.
  • Enrolled in a Masters or PhD program at a university in one of ADB’s member countries.
  • Enroll in an academic program in a discipline closely related to ADB’s mission.
  • Proficient in English language.
  • Have professional work experience.

Documents to be Submitted:

All of the documents specified below must be uploaded during the online application submission process:

  • Scanned copy of original degrees or transcripts Copies of all certificates and diplomas
  • Passport 
  • Letter of Recommendation 
  • Certificate of English Language Proficiency
  • Certificate of Medical Fitness
  • Statement of Personal Interest

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Application Timeline:

There are two times Asian Development Bank Summer Internship will be launched for students. Follow the given below timeline to apply for ADB Internship Program:

Application period Internship Program:

  • 1st Batch: 15 July 2022 to 15 September 2022
  • 2nd Batch: 15 December 2022 to 15 February 2023

Apply Procedure for Asian Development Bank Summer Internship:

There is an Online Application Portal to apply for Asian Development Bank Summer Internship 2023. Follow the given below steps to apply for internship program:

  1. To conclude the application, all materials (CV and essay) are uploaded to ACES.
  2. Applications after the last date will not be considered.
  3. Applicants are encouraged not to wait until the last day of the application session to submit their internship applications to avoid submission errors.
  4. ADB evaluates applications based on the following criteria: eligibility requirements, relevance of academic study and work experience, and level of interest and motivation to contribute to development work.

Apply Link

Announcement Link

What is the purpose of the internship program?

The Internship Program helps ADB enhance a platform to exchange and generate knowledge with external partners. It also enables ADB to identify potential future staff.

What is the duration of the internship?

The duration should be a minimum of 8 weeks (56 days) and a maximum of 11 weeks for one internship assignment.

Can students apply directly to ADB?

Yes. Students can apply directly online through the ADB Career and Employment System (ACES). They do not have to be nominated by their schools. Their schools are no longer required to register with ADB.

Can students directly inquire from ADB?

Yes. Students may send their inquiries to (link sends e-mail).

Is there an internship opportunity in ADB for undergraduate students?

No. The ADB Internship Program accommodates only post-graduate level students.

What is the procedure for applying to ADB Internships?

ADB public site under the Internship Program link will have the internship guidelines and application process posted. It is highly advisable to read the site thoroughly to ensure proper understanding of the selection and application process.

When is the deadline for submission of application?

Internship assignments are posted with complete information including the deadline for submission in the site. Applicants must be able to apply at the required time indicated in the website.

Can I apply for an ADB Internship even if I am not a national of any of its members but enrolled in a school in one of the ADB members?

No. Internship candidates have to be nationals of ADB members.

Can I apply for an internship even if I have a relative in ADB?

No. ADB does not accept applications from close relatives (e.g. below) of ADB staff.

Children Grandmother Stepmother Mother-in-law
Mother Grandfather Stepfather Father-in-law
Father Granddaughter Stepsister Sister-in-law
Brother Grandson Stepbrother Brother-in-law
Sister Aunt Daughter-in-law
Niece Uncle Son-in-law
Nephew Cousin (child of an aunt or uncle)

I am a spouse of an ADB International staff. Can I apply?

Yes, only if the eligibility requirements are met.

Do I get paid for ADB’s internships?

Stipend is provided to all interns for the duration of the internship. Exception to receiving stipend would be interns who fall under the special arrangement category between select schools and ADB.

What are the expenses expected during the internship?

Interns are to shoulder accommodation, transportation and food expenses; as well as part of the airfare.

The purchase of a comprehensive insurance coverage for the entire period of the internship prior to departure to Manila is also a strict requirement.

Does ADB assist interns with airfare expense?

Upon intern’s appointment, ADB provides a limited amount to cover part of the airfare travel cost should air travel be necessary between the internship location and the authorized point of origin (i.e. school location).

I am interested in internships at one of the Resident Missions, what shall I do?

Internship assignments are mostly based at the ADB’s headquarters in Manila, Philippines. Resident Missions may offer assignments and the locations are specified in the posting. Resident Mission based internships for local students from local schools usually follow a different timetable. They are also announced in the website.

How do I know if I am selected?

The application site features an update of each application whether it is for evaluation, regret or hired. ADB HR informs successful applicants directly through email.

Do I get to travel during my internship assignment?

As a general rule, interns are not allowed to travel during the internship assignment.

My nationality requires me to apply for a visa. Will ADB apply for my visa?

In case of Manila based internships, you must ensure your passport is valid at least for 6 months prior to arrival and upon departure from Manila. If your nationality requires you entry-visa, ADB will request it from the Philippine Embassy of your location, and you will apply for visa accordingly.

What are the working hours?

The regular work schedule is 8:00 am to 5:00 pm with one-hour lunch break. Any other preferred schedule should be discussed with supervisors.

Can a past intern apply for another internship with ADB?

Past interns are ineligible to apply for another internship with ADB.

Can I get employment with ADB after completing the internship?

Completing an internship does not automatically qualify for an employment with ADB; however, ADB welcomes former interns to apply for jobs after they graduate from schools.